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Bleeding gums, sore teeth and…why doesn’t brushing seem to be working?

Have you noticed that when you brush your teeth they don’t seem to be as clean as you like?

Do you notice your gums bleeding a little when you brush or floss?

There could be any number of things wrong if your gums are bleeding.

If you’re not able to brush your teeth perfectly clean… it’s likely due to tartar.

Tartar is what happens to plaque that has stuck around on your teeth for a while

When plaque becomes mineralised (or calcified) by saliva it becomes tartar. Not only does this build on the visible part of your teeth but it can also form on the invisible root surfaces below the gum line.

This is not good for your teeth.

Deposits of tartar are ideal for plaque retention and for your body to absorb toxic materials caused by the plaque.

Your toothbrush, while useful, cannot remove tartar. It’s just not built for that sort of maintenance.

Tartar build-up can cause gum disease, and gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Although it would be more accurate to say that it’s more the build-up of toxic materials. These toxic materials cause an inflammatory reaction in the surrounding soft tissue which often leads to gingivitis.

Inflammation: the good and the bad

Sometimes, at this stage, the only sign is bleeding gums. 87% of people can tolerate a stable inflammatory condition (after all, inflammation is not a bad thing; it is chronic inflammation you’ve got to look out for).

Unfortunately for the other 13% the inflammation does go from being protective to being destructive.

Gum disease leads to tooth loss

When inflammation goes from its natural protective role to a destructive role it starts to attack the bone supporting teeth. So, eventually, the teeth may become loose and—over time—fall out.

Stop the bleeding; prevent gum disease and save your teeth

Humans are a fairly unlucky species when it comes to our teeth. We only get two sets, and the first set doesn’t last that long.

Our milk teeth are really only around long enough for our jaws to get used to having teeth before the adult teeth come through and unlike the below animals we only have one set of adult teeth:

  • Sharks shed around 35,000 teeth in their lifetime
  • Alligators can go through between 2 and 3000 teeth in their lifetime
  • A snail has around 25,000 teeth on its tongue

Of course other animals don’t have science. When humans lose a tooth there are treatments to replace missing teeth. But you can avoid this. You can visit the dentist for a check-up and clean.

The reason for a dental clean

By visiting Smile Perfection Dental Group in Aspley or Chermside for a deep scale and clean you can actively prevent gum disease and keep your oral health in top shape.

A deep scale and clean by a professional can clean your teeth in a way that brushing and flossing cannot: keeping your teeth and gums healthy and free from discomfort.

To find out more, or to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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