Looking for the ultimate accessory for Melbourne Cup race day? Just smile!

Perfect your spring races look with ZOOM teeth whitening and take-home whitening available at Smile Perfection Dental Group | Chermside | Aspley | Brisbane

Always with the whirl of spring sunshine and flora follows the imminent anticipation of the spring races and Melbourne Cup events.

For both men and women, these historic horse racing events have provided the perfect setting for glamour and style to collide with heated and untamed excitement. For 153 years, the Melbourne Cup carnival has dawned on the nation and for over 50 years, our fair ladies have graced the day with show-stopping fashions on the field. But what really is the perfect stand-out accessory? Here at Smile Perfection Dental Group in Brisbane’s Chermside and Aspley, we think we have found the answer…

A fascinator catches the eye but a smile captures attention

As one of the first features to be noticed on a person, a smile holds great significance in almost every aspect of life from getting a date to landing a job. Not only can it signify beauty and genuineness, but an attractive smile can indicate and may even contribute to your personal health and mental wellbeing.

So what whitening treatment should you choose?

The hunt for the perfect teeth whitening treatment is constantly in pursuit by people of all ages. As one of the most cost effective ways of enhancing your features, teeth whitening really should be somewhere on the Races Outfit list between “fancy headdress” and “matching pumps”.

Comparing your options

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are a plethora of treatments available from over the counter treatments to in-office and take-home dentist prescribed treatments. The most effective method of whitening will vary from person to person depending on the nature of the discolouration amongst other variables.

Other factors also worth considering are:

  • Have you had problems with soft tissue sensitivity in the past?
  • How much time do you have between now and the event?
  • What is your whitening budget?

Problems with sensitivity, time constraints and budget limitations play a common role in the choice of your whitening treatment. Our team are confronted by teeth whitening questions on a daily basis so we’ve taken the liberty of providing a few answers to help you on your way to an astonishing display of pearlies.

·        Have you had problems with soft tissue sensitivity in the past?

If this is you, the best way to find the right treatment for you is to seek professional advice. Here at Smile Perfection Dental Group, our team will discuss with you the different teeth whitening treatments and asses your smile. This way we can work with you to select the treatment that we deem appropriate for your discolouration and sensitivity concerns. By choosing a professional whitening treatment, we can also provide advice to resolve any concerns that may arise during the course of your treatment.

·        How much time do you have between now and the event?

Has your spring race day event snuck up a little faster than you anticipated? If you purchase over the counter whitening treatments, you may be sacrificing quality and efficiency as the strength of these products tend to be less concentrated. Poladay and Polanight, our take-home whitening kits, use a strong but safe active ingredient that will exhibit great results after 2 weeks of consistent treatment.

If you are short for time and want instant results, ZOOM! Teeth whitening treatment can be carried out in a single appointment in-chair at the dentist. The treatment uses light to activate the active ingredient and can lighten your teeth up to 8 shades brighter in just over 1 hour. Often times we will also recommend a take-home whitening kit as well to enhance your overall results and keep you smiling brighter for longer.

·        What is your whitening budget?

When it comes to whitening treatments, generally the over the counter products are less expensive however the results are often inconsistent and slow, not to mention that the active ingredients may turn hazardous once the seals are broken.

As discussed in our previous article “Want spring dental savings to keep you smiling?”:

For a limited time only, smile Perfection Dental Group is offering $199 take-home whitening kits when you book in for a check-up and clean. Terms and conditions apply.

For more information on our practice specials, contact our team at Chermside on (07) 3861 5910 or Aspley on (07) 3863 4888.

What is your race day accessory of choice?

Give us a chance to help you enhance your natural beauty and brighten your Melbourne Cup outfit with a smile that resonates with elegance and class.

Book a teeth whitening consultation at Smile Perfection Dental Group with two locations in Brisbane’s Chermside and Aspley today.

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